Rethinking the concept of multi-family housing. Big Mouth House by Hybrid Architecture

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Design team
Rob Humble, Kailin Gregga, Steven Lazen.
Commissioned Artist.- Sam Wood Wilson (roof mural). Interior Design Unit A+B.- Rob Humble. Interior Design Unit C: Kailin Gregga and Steven Lazen.
Unit A.- Aleksey Federov & Nikolay Saprykin. Unit B.- Winnie Lam & Sean Gibbons. Unit C.- Kailin Gregga & Steven Lazen.
Hybrid Architecture. General Contractor.- Andy Fawcett.
Total.- 535.12 m² (4650 square feet). Unit A.- 172 m² (1,850 square feet). Unit B.- 132 m² (1,420 square feet). Unit C.- 132 m² (1,420 square feet).
Cabinetry.- Abodian.
February 2018.
Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

Robert Humilde. Hybrid Architecture

The Hybrid Architecture team is led by Founding Partner and Design Director Robert Humilde. With over 26 years of Building Experience, Robert leads Hybrid’s Design & Development Studio. His leadership in the firm is built on fostering a collaborative environment – bringing builders, designers, and developers together. Robert’s focus, at every level of construction, is to foster the growth of urbanism through affordable, sustainable, and livable strategies. Hybrid is fueled by this built on Research-Oriented Strategies, bringing innovative ideas to the design & construction process.

On the side, he maintains a grounded presence in the neighborhood, founding a community gallery dedicated to discussing deeper issues in Urbanism, Art, and Design – Hybrid Space. Providing a voice for local educators, artists, and community-minded voices is a huge staple in Rob’s belief that a great community starts with people. He is a founding member of ‘Architects without Borders – Seattle, a former Chair of the ‘Capitol Hill Design Review’ Board, and a former Adjunct  Professor at the ‘Cornish College for the Arts’.

Hybrid Architecture stands out for being an interdisciplinary company with four unique and interconnected studios: Design, Build, Develop, and Space. This practice brings expertise from all spectrums of the design and construction process into a hybridized space. They are a diverse team of experienced Architects, Builders, & Real Estate Developers who ensure their client’s projects are buildable, on budget, beautiful, and a quality investment.



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