Spanish team, Arquivio architects, won the competition for the Vilnius National Concert Hall

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Arquivio Architects. Architects.- Daniel Fraile, Juanjo Soria.
Design team
Alberto Romero (BIM Architect), Jerónimo Espada (BIM Architect), David Moreno (BIM Architect), Eduardo Lizarazo (Corporate designer), Anaïs García (BIM Urban designer), Ricardo Catalina _ Interior Designer. Architecture students.- Gonzalo López, Cecilia Gómez, Lidia Altillo.
Competition.- 09.2019

Daniel Fraile, Juanjo Soria. Arquivio Architects

Arquivio Architects. Founded in 1999 by Ph. architect Daniel Fraile and by architect Juanjo Soria, arquivio architects is an awarded architecture firm with works in several countries. With direct branches or partnerships in Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory coast, and recently Lithuania, develops projects from large to small scale. Urban Design, Landscaping, Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting design and Grafic design.



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