Timmerhuis complex in Rotterdam finished by OMA

Timmerhuis complex in Rotterdam finished by OMA
[Rotterdam] The Netherlands
metalocus, JOSÉ JUAN BARBA
Timmerhuis complex in Rotterdam finished by OMA. Photograph © Sebastian van Damme.
OMA has turned a municipal office block from the 1950s with a pixellated structure to create a new mixed-use building in Rotterdam. Located in the city's Laurenskwartier neighbourhood, near of headquarters of OMA led by Rem Koolhaas, the Timmerhuis building accommodates a range of uses, including a new city museum, council offices, apartments, shops and restaurants.

Rotterdam's Timmerhuis building, by OMA, unlike its traditional brick-built neighbours buildings, the new 15-storey structure was designed to express its contemporary steel and glass structure. Its form is broken down into cuboidal modules, each measuring 7.2 metres wide, 7.2 metres deep and 3.6 metres high. This gives the pixellated appearance, which helps to break down the the real scale.

The idea develop, according to OMA  partner Reinier de Graaf, is not dissimilar with other recent building completed in Rotterdam skyline – De Rotterdam complex, made up of three connected but visually separate towers. However, the difference here was the aim to avoid making a bold intervention, and to instead create a structure that integrates with the existing city fabric.

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