Tradition meets innovation. Matta Sur Community Centre + CESFAM by Luis Vidal + Arquitectos

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Design team
David Ávila, Bernat Burguera, Valentina Chisci, José Ignacio Comparini, Sebastián Cruz, Marta Cumellas, Juan Francisco Letelier, Arturo López-Bachiller, Carlos Maldonado, Concha Millán, Enrique Pérez, Patricia Plath, Raúl Rosado, Santiago Sánchez, Paola Seguel, Encarnación Serna, Óscar Torrejón, Italo Veas, Luis Vidal.
José María Jiménez, Cristian Shaad, COBE, Estudio de Paisaje Arbolaria, One Geotecnia.
Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago.
€ 8,580,305.
5,500 sqm.
2015 - 2021.
Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile.

Luis Vidal. Luis Vidal + Arquitectos

Luis Vidal + Arquitectos is an international and award-winning practice that provides innovative and high-quality design solutions since its establishment in 2004. The practice has opened offices across Spain, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Chile and the United States, having built up a consistent career path expressed in more than 200 projects in different scales (urban planning, building and industrial design).

With an international workforce of over 100 professionals with a strong background and solid experience in a wide range of disciplines, Luis Vidal + Arquitectos has become, not only an international benchmark in the design of aviation and healthcare buildings, but also a lead practice in the design of educational, cultural centres and business parks. The projects, which offer responsible and quality designs as an answer to the urban and social challenges of today, have been awarded 48 times.

The practice’s transportation portfolio includes more than 15 international airport projects, highlighting Heathrow Terminal 2 (London). Opened in 2014, it has been awarded and nominated over 27 times. It is the first terminal to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating for its sustainable design, which reduces CO2 emissions by 40%.

Luis Vidal + Arquitectos’ philosophy relies on its responsibility to improve the people’s life quality through flexible and sustainable designs, at the technological forefront, becoming legacies for future generations. The practice is known for its architectural approach to the "user experience", focusing on the user as a point of reference and main object in all its proposals. Regardless of scale, all projects are born with the same DNA: social, economic and environmental commitment.



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