Hyperflexibility by a parametric design system. Manta Hospital by PMMT

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PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture and IESS (Instituto Ecuatoriano de la Seguridad Social), bidding project authors.     

Patricio Martínez, Maximià Torruella, PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture, evaluation and adaptation of Build project.
PMMT Project Team
Patricio Martínez, Maximià Torruella, Alex Herráez, Joana Cornudella, Luis Gotor, Marta Gardeñes, Alicia Palacios, Ana Santos.
Estructuras BIS
IESS (Instituto Ecuatoriano de la Seguridad Social).
Consorcio Manta Salud (Makiber, S.A. y Ripconciv).
Builded area.- 24,100.00 m² Urbanized area.- 29,070.00 m²

Patricio Martínez, Maximià Torruella. PMMT

Patricio Martínez, Maximià Torruella, arquitectura, SL provide qualified technical services in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning.

Under the group name PMMT writing up architecture projects and competition at the Catalan, Spanish and International level.

To provide a flexible structure able to efficiently co-ordinate the range of processes and experts needed in nowadays architecture projects, consolidating an organization capable of adjusting to the realization of projects of varied complexity.



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