Traditional house in Alosno, Borrero House by Studio Wet

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Studio Wet.- Jose Gómez Mora, Daniel Montes.
Anna Marchant, Isabella Duffield, Jane Ching-Yee Ling, Matthew Forbes-Yandi, Anabel Orellana, Rohit Nandha. Statics.- Pedro Lobato. Elec&Mechanical.- Víctor Silveira. Quantity Surveyor.- Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia.
Juan Antonio Borrero Calvo.
Construcciones En General Borrero Y Redondo SLL.
Project.- 2017. Building.- 2018-2019.

Studio Wet

Studio Wet is an Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design practice based in Seville, Spain. Studio Wet is Jose Gómez Mora and Daniel Montes Estrada. Our career reflects a diverse range of projects based on a strong contemporary design, open to collaboration and interdisciplinary work.

Since 2012 Studio Wet also runs in Switzerland with its partner office: Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten, directed by Emmanuel Tsolakis.

Studio Wet: "We are convinced that infrastructures, and specially water infrastructures, are basically the core areas of a landscape architect ´s logical reasoning. Moreover, we are convinced that water is the actual landscape program, and that it is worthwile to do some mental work on it."
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