Rural house in Carmona by Estudio ACTA

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Estudio Acta. F. Javier Löpez Rivera, Ramón Pico Valimaña.
Irene Serrano Cabello. Baupanel System. Quantity surveyors.- Manuel Jesús Cansino Conejero, Carlos Manuel Gómez Ávarez.
Area Servicios
Built Area.- 190 m². Plot Area.- 4.000 m².
Project.- 2016. Construction.- 2019.
Urbanización La Celada. Carmona, Seville, Spain.
Fernando Alda.

Estudio ACTA

Ramón Pico Valimaña and Javier López Rivera formed the ACTA team and established their base in Seville in 1993. Since they met during early courses at the Architectural School, their personal professional road-movie runs its daily course between the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Huelva, working on projects for both the public administration and the private sector. They have travelled to different places in the national and international geography (Bolzano, Milan, Piacenza, Nancy, Dubai, Shanghai) showing their work and carrying out teaching tasks as guest professors. 

They have obtained numerous recognitions to their constructed work, among which they emphasize: FAD Award 2003 (Sendero de la Algaida, Espacios Exteriores) and Finalists FAD 2002 (Architecture and Ephemeral Installations) and 2011 (Interior Design); Opinion Award 3-ª Bienal Europea del Paisaje de Barcelona 2003 ; Finalist in the VII Bienal de Arquitectura Española 2003 (Housing in Doña Blanca); Special Mention 1996 and Finalist in the Muestra de Jóvenes Arquitectos de la Fundación Camuñas 2004; Selection for the exhibition JAE (Jóvenes Arquitectos de España, 2006); Winner of the VIII Colegio Arquitectos Huelva 2000 Award; Winner of the Torres Clavé Award (1998-2003), Colegio Arquitectos Cádiz; Finalist in the Endesa Awards (2013). 

These and other works have been published in various regional, national and international media: Arquitectura COAM, Quaderns, Pasajes, Arquitectura Viva, Anuario A&V, Bauwelt, ON Diseño, Metalocus, Neutra, Archicreé, Garten+Landschaft, Arquitectura Ibérica, Detail, El Croquis etc. 

Ramón Pico Valimaña (El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, 1966). Architect, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Seville, 1991. Doctor Architect, ETSA. Seville, 2011. Master’s in Architectural Projects, C.S.A. Antonio Camuñas Foundation. Madrid, 1992-93. Professor of Construction from 1995-97 and of Contemporary History and PFC since 1998, ETSA. Seville. Co-director of the 1st Master's Degree in Design. Pablo Olavide University (Seville) and Director of the Summer Courses Bahia de Cádiz since 2003.

Javier López Rivera (Huelva, 1966). Architect, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, Seville, 1991. Doctor Architect, ETSA. Seville, 2012. Master's Degree in Integrated Projects of Architecture. C.S.A. Antonio Camuñas Foundation. Madrid, 1990-91. Professor of Graphic Analysis, Graphic Ideation, Projects and PFC since 2004, ETSA. Seville. Winner of the 3rd, 7th and 19th edition of the Contemporary Architecture Photography Contest, COA Huelva. Finalist in the 3rd edition and Winner of the 4th edition of the ICAL-ETSAB International Artificial Light Photography Competition (2017, 2018).



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