David Maurice's 'Back Country House'. A Puhio house reinterprets New Zealand's countryside house

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LTD Architectural Design Studio. Lead Architect.- David Maurice
Markplan consulting Ltd
164.0 m²
Project Year.- 2016

David Maurice - Joseph Long. LTD Architectural

LTD Architectural. They set out in 2008 looking to raise the standard of design in their local built environment. David Maurice. B.Arch, Director. 20 years of experience in the industry, qualified in carpentry before completing a bachelor of architecture going on to work in the high end commercial and residential sector with leading practices in the UK and NZ. Focused now on designing for the stunning NZ rural and coastal environment and meeting the challenges of affordability that face New Zealanders who still want to build with a passion for good design. ADNZ National Board Member.

Joseph Long. N.D.A.T Architectural Designer, Director. A specialist in residential design work with a focus on documentation and cost control. Aims to consistently deliver smart, efficient and durable design that relates strongly to people and place. Having guiding literally hundreds of clients safely through the minefield of the design/build process, has earned a reputation for integrity and customer focus. ADNZ Auckland Executive Committee Member.



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