Turó de la Rovira by AAUP + JDVDP

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Jansana, de la Villa, de Paauw arquitectes SLP/ AAUP. Jordi Romero associats SLP
Viasgon/ Urcotex
9.611 sqm

Imma Jansana-Conchita de la Villa-Robert de Paauw JANSANA, DE LA VILLA, DE PAAUW, ARQUITECTES

JANSANA, DE LA VILLA, DE PAAUW, ARQUITECTES, is the architectural firm established in Barcelona, dedicated to landscape architecture, urban design, town planning, building, interior design and rehabilitation. The projects are developed from a vast experience of more than 20 years of activity working for both public administration and private sector.

Imma Jansana, Conchita de la Villa and Robert de Paauw are the associated architects members of the management team that has carried out, always with a multi-disciplinary perspective, projects such as the Master Plan Green Zones in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Consolidation of the environments in Gitano Mesón next to the Alcazaba of Almeria, the Restoration of the access path to the Crypt Güell in Santa Coloma de Cervello, the construction of the New Gran Via l´Hospitalet, the Park Clota in Sabadell, the Rodrigo Caro Gardens in Barcelona or the Civic Center Verdun in Barcelona.

Currently working on new the New Dressing Rooms for the Sports Zone of  Devesa in Girona, Park of Molí de l’Amat in Sabadell, Ecoduct and retention ponds at a Green Corridor in Cerdañola or Coastline Park in El Prat de Llobregat, Urban regeneration in the favelas of Sao Miguel and Campo Limpo in the city of Sao Paulo, Brasil, among others.

Jordi Romero AAUP SLP

AAUP SLP is a company created from architectural study Jordi Romero & Associates (architect in 1975) and primarily dedicated to urban planning, landscape and public space. AAUP is based on two fundamental premises: the personal involvement of architects partners in all the plans and projects carried out the study, and the presence of a multidisciplinary team of collaborators, stable and highly qualified professionals in different specialties, which guarantee the quality of work and strict compliance with the orders, always considering the architecture and planning as a cultural product without compromise.

Jorge Romero is architect since 1975. He worked as a student with Josep Llinás, architect (1970-71), in Menorca and Barcelona. Later, he was part of the team of Planners Associates (Lluís Brau Carles Tejedor and Marcal Tarragó). Since then he has worked from his own professional office or collaborating with other architects. In 2008 George Romero is AAUP associals SLP, incorporating a group of young collaborators. He has held various positions in the field of municipal planning to San Vicente dels Horts (1979-82), Santa Coloma de Gramenet (1982-83) and in Sant Just Desvern (1995-00). From 1999 until today was the final consolidation phase of the study, which in 2008 joined the professional society shaped by the name of George Romero AAUP and associates. Recent years have been especially important for the quantity and characteristics of the development plans approved: The 12 municipalities POUPM Cerdanya, Sant Bartomeu del Grau (Barcelona), Avia (Berguedà), Alp (Cerdanya), La Coma i la Pedra (Solsonès), in addition to the initial approval of the POUM and the draft Olvan Bellver and Llívia Isòvol. In the area of ​​public space has taken place the inauguration of the Carmel settlement Funicular Street Alghero, the Agency for Promotion of Carmel and environments and arrangement of antiaircraft batteries of the Hill Rovira. This project has received the European Prize for Urban Free Space in 2012, granted by a group of European organizations related to architecture and landscape: Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB); Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAi); Architekturzentrum Wien (AZW); Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine (La Cité); Architecture Foundation (AF); Suomen Rakennustaiteen Museum (SMR); Deutsches Architektrmuseum (DAM). This project has also been honored as a finalist in the "XII Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism" (June 2013). With Massimiliano Fuksas team has won (April 2013) Project Baricentrale in Bari (Italy). Currently the project develops the balcony of Barcelona in Three Hills, commissioned by BIMSA.



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