Urban metabolism. Champs Élysées Histoire & Perspectives by Philippe Chiambaretta – PCA-STREAM

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Exposition.- February 14 to May 10, 2020.
Pavilion of l'Arsenal 21, bld Morland 75004. Paris, France.
Salem Mostefaoui, C. Guignard. 

Philippe Chiambaretta

Philippe Chiambaretta founded Production Conception Architecture (PCA) in January 2001 as a research platform to close the gap between the creative and production aspects of design. PCA considers the challenges presented by each project and works towards a resolution which optimises the design process from the urban scale though to the architectural and object scale. PCA works on complex projects where a solution must simultaneously consider multiple and varying factors, be they financial, economic, technical, aesthetic or cultural.

With offices located at the heart of Paris's Marais district, PCA's multi-disciplinary practise is equipped to cope with the wide range of demands encountered by the architectural profession. Architects, engineers and designers are on hand to lend their expertees to a broad range projects from cultural and public works contract to, housing, tertiary and commercial projects.
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