Urban regeneration. New Meinier School by Mue Atelier d’Architecture

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Construction management.- Architech SA. Landscape Architect.- Apaar SARL. Civil Engineer.- B. Ott & C. Uldry. Electrical Engineer.- SRG I Ingenieros Consultores Scherler SA. Acoustic engineer.- Architecture and acoustics. Heating / ventilation engineer.- SRG I Riedweg & Gendre SA. Building physical engineer.- Despres energy studies. Environmental Engineer - Ecoservice. Sanitary Engineer.- Energie management SA. Fire protection engineer.- Orqual. Surveyor.- HCC surveying engineers.
Meinier Town Hall.
2600 sqm.
€ 8M.
Competition.- 2017. Completed.- September 2021.
Parquet.- BAUWERK Chene massif et Unopark. Floor tile.- ROYALMOSA GLOBAL COLLECTION. Chandeliers.- REGENT LIGHTING. Sanitary equipements.- LAUFEN. Soft ground.- Realsport. Furniture.- wood panels SWISSchrono / Display Forbo bulletin Board / Laminate Polyrey touch.
Meinier, Suiza.

Mue Atelier d’Architecture

Mue Atelier d’Architecture is a presicion architecture. Society is in perpetual transition and the environmental challenges of the 21st century demonstrate the extent architecture is a precious commodity - the art of construction. The architect is an agent of change and, founded in Paris in 2017, the Mue Atelier d’Architecture practice contributes. Arnaud Schelstraete and Frédéric Garrigues are part of the determination to support regional renewal. The challenge of this social transformation takes precedence over any other priority and Mue Atelier d’Architecture is embodied by its operations rather than the name of its partners.

Indeed, transformation is rich in opportunities and possible futures while the anonymity of the partners underpins their collaborative work. In fact, today subduing egos corresponds to the new modes of production adapted to its epoch. The process and multiple skills of the different team members are privileged. Winner of a similar competition in 2012, Frédéric Garrigues knows how to create a team and deliver a quality project on time. The Basel Crematorium was shortlisted for the 2018 AFEX Grand Prix. Since his association with Arnaud Schelstraete and the founding of Mue Atelier d’Architecture, other projects soon followed.

The two men met in 2002 when the Marne-la-Vallée School of Architecture opened. Having independently completed their postgraduate training with different well-known practices, while still in their early forties, in 2017, they were keen to apply their experience. Switzerland proved to be a demanding testing ground. Four years later in 2021, Atelier Mue delivered the Meinier school in a township near Geneva. A building designed around a courtyard that became a structuring element of the new town centre.

Subsequently, projects followed one after another in Switzerland: another school, a gymnasium in the Canton of Vaud, a project in brick, a project in concrete and yet another in timber. An approach without dogma - both local and universal - sober in appearance that enabled Mue Atelier d’Architecture to win the Meinier school competition, competing against 120 projects. There were 70 projects for the Sainte-Croix gymnasium. Of course, it’s the architectural quality of their projects that makes the practice the winner.



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