Usagui Teahouse by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

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Kazuya Morita (Aichi, Japan, 1971) established his architectural office in the year 2000, after studying architecture in the University of Kyoto and working as a craftsman of traditional plaster in world heritage sites. He worked at EMBT for a year in 2007. He is currently completing his training at ETSAB in Barcelona.

His best-known works are the Shelf-Pod (Osaka, 2007), the Pentagonal House (Aichi, 2010) and the Usagui  Tea House (Barcelona, 2012).

He was been awarded several prizes, like the Architectural Review AR AWARD (2006) and  the Contractworld Award  (2009).

Morita has also participated in many exhibitions; some of them are “Study of Smallness”, “Sustaining Japan Exhibition” and “Changwon Sculpture Biennale”, all in 2012.



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