The Voxel a proposal for quarantine architecture

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Project team
Directors of the master's degree.- Daniel Ibáñez and Vicente Guallart. Academic Coordination by.- Michael Salka. Developed by.- Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Bio-cities (MAEBB), Students, class of 2020.- Alex Hadley, Anfisa Mishchenko, Sena Kocaoğlu, Camille Garnier, Dania Aburouss, Ester Camps Bastida, Filippo Vegezzi, Giada Mirizzi, Juan Gabriel Secondo, Maitri Joy Uka, Camila Fajardo, Nathalie Botbol, Shreya Sharma, Yue Zhang, Zhiqian Liu, Rafael Abboud, Irene Rodriguez Perez.
Energy expert.- Oscar Aceves. Water expert.- Jochen Scheerer. Architects.- Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano among others.
16 sqm.
Construction.- April to August, 2020.
Natural Park of Collserola, Barcelona, Spain.

Vicente Guallart

Vicente Guallart (b. Valencia 1963) chief architect of the city of Barcelona and general director of Urban Habitat since 2011-2015. Guallart have been founder of Guallart Architects (1993) and of IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalunya) (2001). 

His most relevant and recent projects includes, among others, Sociópolis in Valencia: an innovative housing project for urban and environmental development with projects by international architects; Sharing Bloks in Gandía: a residence for students, the first in Spain where the dynamical relation between private and shared areas can generate a continuous re-configuration and extension of the spaces to live; Fugee Port and Keelung Port in Taiwan. He is author of Geologics (Actar), and co-author of the Metapolis dictionary of Advanced Architecture and Hypercatalonia.
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