ZEVI’S ARCHITECTS. History and counter-history of italian architecture 1944-2000, at MAXXI

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Curated by Pippo Ciorra, Jean-Louis Cohen
25 April 2018 - 16 September 2018. Hours.- Tuesday–Sunday 11am–7pm, Saturday 11am–10pm
MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo - Via Guido Reni 4A - 00196 Roma. Italy

Bruno Zevi

Bruno Zevi, was born in Rome in 1918. In Rome, he graduated from classical high school (1918-1933) at the "Tasso" high school and enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture. Following the racial laws, he left Italy in 1938, going first to London and then to the United States. Here he graduated from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, presided by Walter Gropius, and directed the "Italian Notebooks" of the "Justice and Freedom" movement (1933-1944). He discovers Frank Lloyd Wright, whose preaching in favor of organic architecture will remain a lifelong advocate. Back in Europe in 1943, he took part in the anti-fascist struggle in the ranks of the Action Party. In 1944 he promoted the Association for Organic Architecture (APAO) and the following year he founded the magazine "Metron".

Since 1948 he has been Professor of History of Architecture at the IUAV of Venice and since 1964 at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome. From 1954 to 2000 he held a weekly column of architecture on "Cronache" and then on "L'Espresso"; the articles of the first decades are collected in the twenty-five volumes of "Chronicles of Architecture" (1945-54). In 1955 he founded the monthly magazine "L'architettura-cronache e storia" which he ran uninterruptedly until January 2000 (1955-64).

He was awarded an honorary degree by the Universities of Buenos Aires, Michigan, and Technion of Haifa; is an honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and of the American Institute of Architects, general secretary of the National Institute of Urban Planning (INU), vice-president of the National Institute of Architecture (In / arch), academician of San Luca and 'lnternational Institute of Architecture, president emeritus of the Comité International des Critiques d'Architecture (CIC) (1965-77), president of the Radical Party and member of Parliament in the tenth legislature (1978-89).

Among the works: "Towards an organic architecture", "Knowing how to see architecture" (translated into fifteen languages), "History of modern architecture", "Architecture in nuce", "The modern language of architecture", " Knowing how to see the city "," Controstoria and history of architecture "(1990-2000).




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