A clearing in the forest. Campo House by José Costa

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Project team
Victoria DellaChiesa, Daniel Escobedo, Pau Olivares, Ana Fernández, Marco Grechi, Alejandro Martínez.
Cálculo de estructuras.- Javier Cases. Diseño instalación eléctrica.- J. Miguel Sabina. Climatización y renovación de aire.- Leing Ingeniería. Arquitecto técnico.- Ignacio Gazo. Diseño interiores.- Fela Almenar. Structures.- Javier Cases. Electrical installation design.- J. Miguel Sabina. Air conditioning and air renewal.- Leing Ingeniería. Quantity surveyor.- Ignacio Gazo. Interior designer.-Fela Almenar.
Builder Company
Construcciones Eliseo Pla S.L.
Campolivar. Godella. Valencia, Spain

José Costa

Jose Costa Arq. is an architecture studio based in Valencia. The firm articulates a series of professionals with a common ambition: to make through architecture a better place to live.

Focusing mainly on the residential, cultural and administrative area, it explores the limits of each project through a simple recipe: passion, effectiveness, creativity, sensitivity, research, recycling, commitment, observation, intuition, criticism, poetry, dynamism, integration and a dose important of fun.

Jose Costa, (Alzira, Valencia, June 11, 1978) studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, obtaining the title of architect in 2004. Obtaining that same year of the 1st prize in the IVVSA national draft competition in its 5th edition, for the construction of a building with 42 homes for young people in Benidorm, marks the beginning of the first Spanish stage.

In 2011 he moved to Rio de Janeiro, a city that will be the main headquarters of the studio until the end of 2014. There he founded the creative space The House, a multidisciplinary extension of the studio that will allow him to experiment and develop connections ARCHITECTURE - ART - DESIGN - EDUCATION. After 4 intense years in Brazil, he returns to Valencia where he continues to develop architectural, social and artistic projects, both from his own studio and from the Enredant artistic collective of which he is co-founder.



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