A floating cave: Omicron Monolith by Studio Anna Heringer & Martin Rauch

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Design Team
Martin Rauch and Studio Anna Heringer
Klaus, Voralberg, Austria
April 2014- September 2014
Omicron Electronics
Overall Coordination
Dietrich Untertrifaller
Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH


Anna Heringer, born October 1977, grew up in Laufen, a small town at the Austrian-Bavarian border close to Salzburg. At the age of 19 she lived in Bangladesh for almost a year, where she had the chance to learn from the NGO Dipshikha about sustainable development work. The main lesson was the experience, that the most successful development strategy is to trust in existing, readily available resources and to make the best out of it instead of getting depended on external systems. Eight years later, in 2005, she tried to transfer this philosophy into the field of architecture. Together with Eike Roswag and a team of Bangladeshi and German craftsmen she realized the Meti School in Rudrapur, Bangladesh, that she has designed in 2004 as diploma project at the University of Arts in Linz.
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