A floating cave: Omicron Monolith by Studio Anna Heringer & Martin Rauch

A floating cave: Omicron Monolith by Studio Anna Heringer & Martin Rauch
[KLAUS] Austria
Omicron Monolith by Anna Heringer. Interior view of the zeppelin. Photograph © Stefano Mori
With the aim to support local economies and to foster the ecological balance, Anna Heringer's projects are always a vivid example of how much can be done with very little. Her works, using such basic materials as earth, bamboo or fabric, common in the poor areas she mainly works at, are an exercise of plasticity that demonstrates how spacial magic can be generated everywhere. Omicrom Monolith takes her exploration on the earth construction potential to an extreme level, generating a surprising complex that is worth taking a look. Do you know any first-world building with such an special interior atmosphere?
Shaped as a set of sculptures, Omicron Living Spaces are no other thing than a space where Omicron Electronics workers can relax or have a work meeting. As usual, Anna Heringer makes an effort to promote developing economies and use craft materials collaborating in this project with NGO Dipshikha by using their colourful fabrics for the cushions. The indian Little flower also plays an important role in the construction of 'the zeppelin', an structure that seems to float in the air and where the amazing interior lighting experience is generated by the hand-crafted silk cover made by this group. Technically speaking, the complex, which consists on the two-storey monolith, an open-air bleachers and the zeppelin suspended-like structure covering it, represents an advance in the research for new possibilities in the field of earth construction in which the practice is fully immersed. The compromise with details, clearly seen in the wall reliefs, the soft shapes or the integration of pottery vases, earth of various colors and playful fabrics, make a perfect compliment, tu...read more
Design Team
Martin Rauch and Studio Anna Heringer
Klaus, Voralberg, Austria
April 2014- September 2014
Omicron Electronics
Overall Coordination
Dietrich Untertrifaller
Lehm Ton Erde Baukunst GmbH


Anna Heringer, born October 1977, grew up in Laufen, a small town at the Austrian-Bavarian border close to Salzburg. At the age of 19 she lived in Bangladesh for almost a year, where she had the chance to learn from the NGO Dipshikha about sustainable development work. The main lesson was the experience, that the most successful development strategy is to trust in existing, readily avai...read more