A frame bringing the landscape closer. Alton Wines by GO'C

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Project team
Gentry / O’Carroll, Ashley Skidmore, Yuchen Qiu.
Structural engineering.- J Welch Engineering. Civil engineering.- Knutzen Engineering.
Walla Walla, Washington, United States.

Jon Gentry, Aimée O'Carroll. GO’C

Founded in the Pacific Northwest and practicing internationally, GO'C is an award-winning architecture studio inspired by the interplay of rational design and artistic expression. From residential to commercial and public spaces, they thrive in the challenges of site-specific work and find opportunities in constraint.

Founding Partner Jon Gentry grew up in North Carolina, developing an eye for utilitarian structures and an impulse to challenge norms. 

Founding Partner Aimée O’Carroll grew up in the heart of London and comes from a family of architects that reaches back three generations. 

Together, their studio is driven by the concepts of practicality and imagination. When thoughtful analysis meets a spirit of exploration, they know they’re in their element. Their process is as rigorous as it is daring; it takes both knowledge and curiosity to turn a brave idea into something real. Building a foundation under "what if" is where they like to be; the enduring desire behind everything they create is to push the limits of what's possible—in service to clients, communities, cultures, and landscapes.



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