Lahofer Winery new facilities with undulating roof and amphitheatre by Chybik + Kristof

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Project team
Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, Adam Jung, Lenka Vorechovska, Hanin Al-Gibury, Karolina Holankova, Martin Holy, Vojtech Kouril, Ondrej Mundl, Matej Strba, Zuzana Zathurecka, Zuzana Pelikanova, Victor Cojocaru, Laura Emilija Druktenytė, Zuzana Lisonova, Gabriela Volakova.
Structural Engineer.-Hladík a Chalivopulos s.r.o. Plumbing.-SANIproject, s.r.o. Heating, Cooling ((Building).- CM projekt, s r.o. Heating, Cooling ((Technological).- FaBa engineering, s.r.o. Ventilation.- Ing. Marek Nos. Electrical Installations.- ELSPACE s.r.o. + Alexa-projekce s.r.o., projekce sdělovacích rozvodů. Building Management System.- Ing. Zdeněk Tulis. Traffic Engineer.- Rostislav Beneš. Energy Performance Certificate.- SUCHÁNEK s.r.o. Roof Safety.- Mojmír Klas, s.r.o.
3,842 m²
Lunawood, BTicino, Laufen, VitrA, ATEH, ATEMIT, Aluprof, BRESTT STAVBY, Carl Stahl & spol, Cement screed, DVD Jaroměřice, FRIGOMONT, H&M spol, Jika, Kingspan – Sistema de paneles aislados, MIJA-Therm, MONTEG, Patrik Hábl, SUNSYSTEM, TAM KOVO s.r.o., +2

Ondřej Chybík, Michal Krištof. Chybik + Kristof

Chybik + Kristof, is an architecture and urban design practice founded in 2010 by Ondřej Chybík and Michal Krištof. Operating with 50+ international team members from their offices in Prague, Brno and Bratislava; the practice aims to bridge the gap between private and public space while transcending both generational and societal spheres.

Taking into account local histories and environmental specificities, the studio works in the fields of architecture, urbanism, research, education and on a wide array of projects, ranging from urban development to public and private buildings.



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