A new modern sensibility, thought in terms of urban landscape. 1G Store by Estudio Além

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Project team
Paula Navarro Mazón, Filipe Nunes Faustino.
Construction and assembly
Assembly.- Tiago Mendes, Daniel Vale, Paulo Teixeira, Nuno Ferreira, Querubim Enes, Emanuel Nunes.
Metalwork.- Daniel Deyllot.
Pladur.- Rui Morais, Pedro Morais.
Projected cork.- Cortiça projetada.
Flooring.- Spazio sport.
Electricity.- Bruno Rodrigues, José Rodrigues.
Natural stone.- Paviturque, Samuel Santos.
3D print.- Corporeos.
Illuminated signs.- Publisilva.
Cleaning.- Margarida Enes, Patrícia Enes, Helena Pinto, José Nunes.
Sportino, Lda.
305 m².
Rua Gil Vicente, 31. Guimarães, Portugal.

Paula Navarro Mazón, Filipe Nunes Faustino. Estudio Além

Estudio Além (A l é m.- 1. dem. adv. beyond). Architecture studio established by Paula Navarro Mazón and Filipe Nunes Faustino, in 2019. The practice is based its practice on what is beyond without and what is beyond within. Paula Navarro Mazón (Spain, 1987) is an architect from the School of Higher Technical Architecture of Valencia (2011). Filipe Nunes Faustino (Portugal, 1987) is an architect by the Faculdade of Architecture of Lisbon, FA-UL (2011). Both collaborate and work between 2012-2018 at RCR Arquitectes.

They work by continually searching in a way that deepens and, at the same time moves away, to reach the essential, helped by timeless principles that allow them to reduce spaces, objects, ideas, and images to the nature of things, to that which is primary and primitive. Far from literal, inflexible, and closed validations, they are interested in what the projects provoke, what they transmit, what they induce, and the relationships they establish with the individual and with the place and its context. They perceive architecture as a patient process where the complexities of each layer that makes up the project are resolved from the simplicity of conceptual integrity.



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