A poetic pondering of resin production face to Songyin River. Pine Pavilion by DnA_ Design and Architecture

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DnA_Design and Architecture. Principal Architect.- Xu Tiantian.
Songyang Department of River Control and Reservoir Management.
Gross Floor Area.- 315.65m² Building Foot Print.- 197m²
Design Period.- 2016.09. Construction Period.- 2017.08-2017.12. Completion Time.- 2017.12.
Xiahuangyu Village, Gushi, Songyang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, China.
Wang Ziling,Han Dan.

Xu Tiantian. DnA_Design and Architecture

DnA_Design and Architecture is an interdisciplinary practice addressing our contemporary living environment,both physical and social,from scales small to large.

Their approach to projects starts with research and discussion on context,program,and their interaction,which we believe are the fundamental elements,or the DnA,that will define design and architecture,to adapt,engage,and contribute to our society of multiplicity and complexity.

Contextprogram,and their potential relationship,will cultivate architecture into a multidimensional expression and generate new experiment and exploration for users.Architecture will continue to influence and inspire our contemporary life.

Xu Tiantian is founding principal of DnA_Design and Architecture Beijing Office.She received her master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard Graduate School of Design,and her baccalaureate in architecture from Tsinghua University in Beijing.Prior to establishing DnA Beijing,She worked at a number of design firms in the United States and the Netherlands.She has received 2006 WA China Architecture Award and 2008 Young Architects Award from The Architectural League New York.



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