A space full of natural, homogeneous and diffused light. New pavilions for the Bologna Fiere by Di Gregorio Associati

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Design team
Francesco Nicolini, Oliviero Brognoli, Gabriele Giampietri, Stefano Montanari, Marco Taccagni, Domenico Taliano.
Scientific Consultancy.- Aurelio Galfetti, Gabriele Cappellato. Associates.- Francesco Musetti, Umberto Marossa. Structure.- Massimo Majowiecki – MJW Structures. General Coordination.- Bologna Fiere S.p.a., BF Eng S.r.l. Construction Management.- Aldo Barbieri - Studio Enarco. Mechanical and Electrical Systems Studio Nocera S.r.l., Bologna Fiere S.p.a., Studio Breveglieri.
Bologna Fiere S.p.a.
Strabag S.p.a., Alpiq Energia Italia S.p.a., Cimolai S.p.a., Cotti & Marchi S.r.l.
35,000 sqm.
Bologna, Italy.

Di Gregorio Associati

Di Gregorio Associati is an architectural firm based in Parma, Italy. The studio is associated by Francesco Di Gregorio and Gianni Di Gregorio. A multidisciplinary team with more than 30 years of practice and over 300 projects completed, with extensive international experience in urban, residential, commercial and infrastructural design. 

The Studio activity spans from studies of technology and economic feasibility for private and public clients, general project management & coordination, scientific restoration, urban planning, interior design, landscape and classified military architectural projects.

Francesco Di Gregorio was born in Parma in 1985and graduated from the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio in Switzerland with speakers Mario Botta and Aurelio Galfetti and studied at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with Anders Wilhelmson and Tor Lindstrand. 

He has built projects in Italy, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany and Brazil, and participated in several exhibitions, among which "Giovani architetti grattano il cielo", curated by Casabella Laboratorio and "Architects meet in Selinunte - Partire Tornare Restare". 

He is associate producer of ZID films, a film production company based in Paris. Francesco has been awarded with “Iconic Architecture Award 2020” by the German Design Council.

Gianni Di Gregorio was born in 1946 in Parma. Mr Di Gregorio graduated in fine arts at institute Paolo Toschi, later teaching art history and geometric design. He worked as a painter until the late '70s, exhibiting in severals solo and group exhibitions and obtaining various meaningful awards and recognitions. 

In 1978 he graduated cum laude in architecture at the University of Florence, with a thesis on industrialized systems applied to the realization of residential organisms. In the same year, he founded Architown design studio, collaborating among others with Arch. Gino Valle. 

Founding member and CEO of Studio Di Gregorio Associati, in the course of half a century of profession Mr Di Gregorio has realized works on national and international level dealing with a large number of building types and projects: from interior design to residential, executive, commercial, as well as urban planning, large infrastructures and expo centers, with roles of project management as much as technical-administrative tests leader.



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