A vernacular structure built to dance around the fire. Moon Ra Pavilion by Leopold Banchini

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Workshop Participants
Elona Pinto, Emily Jones, Eva Demulder, Fay Zafiropoulou, Hannah Sheerin, Helena Van Looveren, Henryk Gujda, Jasmine Evers, Lorcan Gilligan, Marie Meurice, Paola Falconi, Rebecca van Daalen, Robin Vandenbussche, Shruti Athavale, Yasmine, Elena Homan, Kevin Warnau, Stan Vrebos, Timothe Janssen, Maaie Aghali, Nils Beuten.
Developer / Client
Horst Festival, Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Leopold Banchini

Leopold Banchini was born in Geneva in 1981 and is an architect graduated from the EPFL (Ecole Polytechinique Fédérale de Lausanne). He is also Master in Architecture from the University of Lausanne (2007) and graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (2004).

Is a visiting professor in the HEAD (Haute Ecole de Design et) in Geneva since 2010 and Assistant Professor at the EPFL since 2009. He has also been Archozoom project designer in 2009.

Has been placed in Lot / ek Architects (New York) between the years 2004/2005, as an assistant project Art Basel (Basel) in 2005, and as a project partner of the collective Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) that same year in Rotterdam.

He has developed his work as an architect in b720 Arquitectos (Barcelona) during the years 2007 and 2008, and Group8 Architects (Geneva) in 2009.

In addition, since 2008 part of 1to100 Architects, and architectural collective based in Geneva. Its members have been active and decisive parts in projects such as the winning participation of Bahrain at the last Venice Biennale - RECLAIM Golden Lion 2011, exhibitions such as The Gulf - OMA-AMO's participation at the Venice Biennale 2007 and publications such as AMO-Rem Koolhaas's Al Manakh. Parallel to that, they conduce many different operations ranging from architecture, to journalism, until urban design. They have teaching positions at the EPFL and the University of Arts and Design in Geneva.

Its aim is to take position and initiate reflexions upon our contemporary environment.




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