A warm organism at the mercy of a pre-existence. Reform of the Port Authority by Costas + Pedrós

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Costas + Pedrós Arquitectos SLP. Arquitectos.- Roberto Costas Pérez, Óscar Pedrós Fernández.
Prace Servicios y Contratas S.A.
Port Authority of A Coruña.
300 m².
Start works.- 13/12/2022.
Completion.- 07/07/2023.
Avenida Marina, 3. 15001 - A Coruña, Spain.
Carpentry.- INTEGA, Interiores Galicia SL.

Roberto Costas, Óscar Pedrós. Costas + Pedrós Arquitectos

Costas + Pedrós arquitectos is an architecture studio from A Coruña founded in 2021 by Roberto Costas and Óscar Pedrós and whose spectrum of work covers most of the architectural and urban scales, the result of interest in a broad, global reading of the profession: from public buildings, urban spaces and planning strategies, to reforms and rehabilitations, working with both Public Administrations and private developers.

Throughout the stages of its partners' practice, their works have been selected on various occasions for the Spanish Architecture Award (CSCAE); They have been finalists in the Awards of the Official College of Architects of Galicia, in the Architecture Awards of Galicia and have recently obtained the Galician Wood Award. His awarded and published work includes the Reform of the Port Authority of A Coruña, the single-family home in the Colonia de Casas Baratas Juan Canalejo (A Coruña), the Carballo Media Library, the EINS House (Oleiros), the Skate-Plaza de Carballo and the Remodeling of the Plaza de Santa Catalina and other spaces in the PEPRI of A Coruña. In terms of literary production, the book Architecture and illusion. Projecting from the in-genius loci has been awarded at the 19th Awards of the Official College of Architects of Galicia, a finalist at the 15th Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism and selected for the 2020 FAD Awards for Thought and Criticism.



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