Transfer of photography to architecture. Revitalization Kriechere 70 by Innauer Matt Architekten

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Innauer Matt Architekten ZT GmbH (Bezau, Austria).
Project team
Sandra Violand.
Structural engineering.- Merz Kley Partner ZT GmbH (Dornbirn, Austria).
Building physics.- DI Günter Meusburger (Schwarzenberg, Austria).
Baugruppe Berchtel – Innauer – Matt.
Rudolf Berchtel, Anja and Markus Innauer, Barbara and Sven Matt.
Wälderbau GmbH (Schwarzenberg, Austria).
Site area.- 477 sqm.
Building footprint.- 270 sqm.
UFA.- 544 sqm.
Volume.- 2,615 cm.
Starting date of planning.- 02 2014.
Starting date of construction.- 04 2021.
Completion.- 04 2022.
Bezau, Austria.
Timber structure.- Kaspar Greber Holz- und Wohnbau GmbH (Bezau, Austria).
Wooden windows.- Schwarzmann Fenster GmbH & Co. KG (Schoppernau, Austria).
Shingle facade.- Wälder Schindeler (Mellau, Austria).
Stove manufacturer.- Ofenbau Voppichler GmbH (Egg, Austria).
Carpet flooring.- Peter Wüstner e.U. (Mellau, Austria).
Plaster.- Manser Verputz GmbH (Bezau, Austria).
Carpentry.- Tischlerei Rüscher GmbH (Schnepfau, Austria).
Wooden staircase.- Tischlerei Greussing (Bezau, Austria).
Flooring.- stipo Fußböden (Bezau, Austria).
Metalsmith.- Figer Kunstschmiede (Bezau, Austria).
Paint work.- Fetz Malerei GmbH (Alberschwende, Austria).
Installations.- Fink Installationen GmbH (Bezau, Austria).
Electrical installations.- Albrecht Elektrotechnik (Mellau, Austria).
Roof.- Felder Dachdeckerei und Fassadenbau GmbH (Andelsbuch, Austria).

Markus Innauer, Sven Matt. Innauer Matt Architekten

Innauer Matt Architekten, is an architecture studio founded by Markus Innauer and Sven Matt (both born 1980) in 2012 based in Bregenzerwald, a mountain valley in western Austria, representing architecture with a strong relationship to the location of an object, its natural environment and its inhabitants.

From the beginning, the studio has devised atmospherically dense, but subtle and detailed architectural solutions, which always seek to connect the new with the existing. Their high standards of precision combined with a somewhat relaxed approach lead to surprisingly simple solutions in often complex conditions.

Always at the focus of their work is the search for an architecture that provides them with a relaxed, familiar environment that stands the test of time.



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