Water as material narrative. House of the Waters by HUMA

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HUMA. Lead architects.- Jose Amóros Martínez, Alberto Amóros Martínez.
Project team
Francisco Denia, Alberto Lopez; Andrés Ros, Andrés Fernández, Jose Aznar, Maria Dolores Melgarejo.
HIDROGEA Cartagena.
C/ Carmen 42.4AT. 30201. Cartagena, Murcia, Spain.

Jose Amorós Martínez, Alberto Amorós Martínez. HUMA

HUMA is a multidisciplinary architecture and engineering studio founded by Jose Amorós Martínez and Alberto Amorós Martínez. They are specialized in resolving unique architectural projects, urbanism, design and culture of architecture. He has received more than numerous national and international awards and his projects are continuously published in the most prestigious magazines around the world.

The studio is currently immersed in numerous projects throughout the Spanish territory and collaborating in different international projects in countries such as Singapore, Morocco, Amsterdam, Mexico, San Salvador, Brazil, India, London…. From the projection of the Master plan, to the resolution of a single-family home, going through shopping centers, hospitals and hotels... the variety of scales and programs is one of the hallmarks of the office, which studies projects from the Capture of the land until the city of the final interior design.



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