The search for abstraction as urban landmark. Rehabilitation of an office building by DCA

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DCA. Architects.- Nicolas Chausson, Jiaoyang Huang, Marie-Hélène Habib.
7,500 m².
Competition.- 2019. Completion.- 2023.
Bd. Chanzy, Montreuil, France.

Nicolas Chausson, Jiaoyang Huang. DCA

DCA (Design Crew for Architecture) office was founded in 2007, after winning the Europan 8 competition for the site in Prague by the architects, Nicolas Chausson and Jiaoyang Huang.

The office has also been able to forge substantial experience in the field of rehabilitation, mainly in educational buildings, working with public sector owners.

DCA employs an architectural vocabulary with no preconceptions, driven by a pragmatic attitude, unconstrained by any dogmatic straightjacket. Projects are conceived in pursuit of overall coherence and a manifest quality dictated by their specific contingencies. DCA can lay claim to a discipline which shapes its architectural expression and permits the delivery of forms and aesthetics which are subject to a constant process of renewal. The project for the reinstatement of the La Fontaine primary school in Montmorency (95), delivered in 2017, is an emblematic example.

Multicultural, innovative, creative, experienced and reliable, DCA has an impeccable grasp of its function as architects and has been awarded a number of prizes.



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