A window in a garden of the Alhambra. Ángel Barrios Legacy Museum by Juan Domingo Santos

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Project team
Project architect and construction management.- Juan Domingo Santos. Collaborating architect in project and construction management.- Carmen Moreno Álvarez. Museographic project.- Juan Domingo Santos and Carmen Moreno Álvarez.
Project and construction management.- Juan Moreno Romero. Museographic project.- Loreto Corisco González. Graphic development and models.- Alejandro Infantes Pérez and Ana I. Rodríguez Aguilera. Industrial Engineer.- Patricio Bautista Carrascosa (Ábaco Ingenieros). Museographic assembly.- Intervento S.L.. Carpets.- La Alpujarreña. Lighting.- Viabizzuno. Audiovisual.- Transversal S.L..
Alhambra of Granada, Spain.
Fernando Alda, Clara Torres González.


Juan Domingo Santos (Granada), is an architect and projects lecturer at Granada School of Architecture, and he has been a visiting lecturer at several foreign schools of architecture including Lausanne Polytechnic, Switzerland; Lisbon School of Architecture, Portugal; Fach Hochschule Lausitz de Cottbus, Germany; Fakultät Architektur an der Technischen Universität Dresden, Germany; Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design, San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador; Columbia University, New York, USA ; School of Art, Architecture and Design de Guadalajara (Mexico) ; AAI, Architectural Association of Ireland, Dublin (Ireland); and currently at the Technische Universität München, Germany. He has also taught at many Spanish schools including Navarra, Barcelona and Madrid Schools of Architecture, amongst others.

His work has followed a research line concerning landscapes undergoing transformation and architectural operations on heritage buildings. His PhD thesis, ‘The innovative tradition. On transformations in architecture and art’, was recently awarded a prize by the Caja de Arquitectos Foundation and selected for publication in the Arquitesis collection.

His work has been displayed at exhibitions in Spain and abroad including the 7th Biennale di Architettura di Venice; On Site, New Architecture in Spain organized by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, and the Spanish Architecture Biennale (93-94), amongst others, and he has been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Prizes (2007), ECOLA Awars (2010, 2012) and selected in the XXI Spanish Bienal of Architecture and Urbanism 2011.




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