A window to the south. Casa P by Daniel Tigges and Micheel Wassouf

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Daniel Tigges (Tigges Architekt) and Micheel Wassouf (Energiehaus).
Engineers.- Oliver Style y Vicenç Fulcarà, Progetic.
Structure.- OTG 3.
Partnership.- Maria Molins Sala.
Certification.- Ebök GmbH, Tübingen.
Ventilation.- Zehnder.
Domotics.- Loxone.
Sun protection.- Griesser.
Gross floor area.- 472 sqm.
Energy reference area SRE.- 175 sqm.
Form factor (enveloping surface /SRE).- 3,56.
Window area.- 15 %.
Data set
Heating energy demand.- 9 kWh/m²a.
Refrigeration demand.- 1 kWh/m²a.
Heating load.- 18 W/m²a.
Refrigeration load.- 4W/m²a.
Non-renewable primary energy.- 77 kWh/m²a.
Renewable primary energy.- 36 kWh/m²a.
Photovoltaics.- 3,18 kWp, 3,00 kWn.
Airtightness n50.- 0,57/h.
Average U-value covered.- 0,14 W/m²K.
Average U-value of first floor enclosures.- 0,14 W/m²K.
Average U-value of ground floor enclosures.- 0,22 W/m²K.
Average U-value elements against terrain.- 0,22 W/m²K.
Average U-value windows.- 1,15 W/m²K.
Glazing 4/15A/4/15A/3+3.- 0,80 W/m²K.
Heat pump.- Rotex HPSU Compact 6 kW.
Heat pump performance.- 3,64 (cop) / 3,99 (EER).
Solar water storage.- 500 l.
Ventilation+ recovery.- Zehnder Comfoair 550 ERV Luxe.
1.451 €/m².
Structure and masonry.- Duplextil S.L.
Concrete structure.- Constructora Illes Medes S.A.
Wooden structure.- Arcor S.L.
Instalations.- Progetic Projectes Sostenibles S.L.
Exterior carpentry.- Uniform instalada por Ortiz Kitchen.
Interior carpentry.- Blockporta GVI S.L.
Integrated furniture.- Blockporta GVI S.L.
Blown cellulose.- Ecoespai.
Exterior wood treatment.- Keim Ecopaint Ibérica S.L.
Interior wood treatment.- Cedria.
Flashing.- SAS, Prefabricados de hormigón S.A.
Curtains.- TBB, protección solar y decoración.
Montjuïc, Girona - Spain.

Daniel Tigges

Daniel Tigges holds a degree in Architecture (FHNW, Switzerland), a Master's degree in Architecture, Energy and Environment (UPC, Barcelona), is lecturer in Universities in Spain and the USA and is Minergie certifier in Spain.

The office Tigges Architekt has vast experience in the local market in projecting, executing, consulting, accompanying and training people in the field of sustainable construction. Daniel Tigges has been awarded for his architecture in several competitions and especially for the extension of the Koch-Beuchat house in Switzerland, for which he has received four distinctions, among others the German Design Award.

The latest outstanding works of the firm are the Waldorf School El Til·ler in Bellaterra, selected for the FAD award, the Casa-P, a single-family house in Girona, certified with the Passivhaus standard and the work Can Titella, a sustainable building in the neighborhood of Gracia, Barcelona, selected for the Mostra d'Arquitectura of the College of Architects of Catalonia.

The latter is a model project for buildings with very low energy consumption in the Mediterranean climate zone, certified with Minergie, the Swiss standard for low consumption architecture.

Micheel Wassouf Micheel Wassouf

Micheel Wassouf. Born in Damascus (Syria). He completed his architectural studies in 1995 at the University of Karlsruhe/Germany. He has worked as an architect in several European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain, and since 2008 he is director of Energiehaus Arquitectos, based in Barcelona.

He has a long professional experience, both in design and in the execution of architectural projects. Since 2003, his professional career has focused on the development of high-energy efficiency projects, based on the Passivhaus standard.

Since 2014, he has been accredited as an official Passivhaus certifier by the Passivhaus Institut. He is a founding member of the official Spanish association PEP, Plataforma de Edificación Passivhaus and ILAPH, the Latin American Passivhaus Institute.

Micheel Wassouf is author of the book “De la Casa Pasiva al estándar Passivhaus. La arquitectura pasiva en climas cálidos” (Editorial Gustavo Gili, 2014), where he proposes a passive architecture adapted to the sociocultural realities of the Mediterranean.

Energiehaus Architects is a pioneer in the design and certification of very low-energy consumption buildings, with extensive experience in the design of Passivhaus buildings. Energiehaus is a leader in the application of the Passivhaus standard in hot climates and the first Spanish entity approved to certify buildings under this standard through its director, Micheel Wassouf.

The Passivhaus standard is internationally recognized as the most demanding standard in terms of energy efficiency, health, and thermal comfort for users.

Buildings designed by Energiehaus have been published in international forums, such as the International Passivhaus Conference.



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