The agrarian shelter Equipment Sombrilla by John Grable Architects

The agrarian shelter Equipment Sombrilla by John Grable Architects
[Utopia - Texas] USA
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Equipment Sombrilla by John Grable Architects. Photograph © JGA
The shelter with a simple construction is built up in a mountainous region using raw materials of the region, and provides a good temperature through natural cooling and natural ventilation.
The design of John Grable Architects provides an arched structure that enables the creation of large spans, creating an open and flexible space. The alternation of materials ensures light entrance during the day as well as light emission during the night.

Description of the project by John Grable Architects

Located deep into the rugged hill country, this agrarian structure was erected to serve as a storage shed for ranch and construction equipment. Keeping in mind the function, remote location and availability of skilled labor, the Quonset hut was used as inspiration due to is flexible interior space and simple construction techniques.

In an effort to utilize the simple materials available to the area, trusses were constructed using recycled oil field pipe which also paid homage to owner's legacy within the oil industry. The low arching long free spans of the trusses allowed for more

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John Grable

John Grable's award-winning work is inspired by his intimate relationship with the environment, which stems from his love and respect for the land and a keen understanding of how buildings can gently co-exist with nature. After 18 years as a project manager and partner at Lake|Flato Architects, John returned to his roots in 2004 and founded John Grable Architects, where his more more