AI-Architects, winners of the competition for Sheremetyevskaya Metro Station

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Moscow, Russia

AI- Architects

AI-Architects. Founders and partners are Ivan Kolmanok and Alexander Tomashenko. Team composition: Andrei Smirnov, Evgenia Titkina, Alexandra Kruglyakova, Asya Stoychenko, Marianna Shamonina, Lyudmila Ivanova, Rustam Isanchurin, Maxim Machinistov, Nadezhda Pridatkina and Marina Rusakova.
Our projects are heterogeneous, authorship is collectively, it resides in the "rubber" framework of the growing credo, the next constituent elements of which, today, are the two components chosen by us - "meaning" and "research." The function of "meaning" is to work with the purpose of the project. "Research" is a trigger for our development, a provocateur of mutations and changes. At the junction of these components, we can unambiguously do something fundamentally new, which guarantees a very deep immersion in the scale of the problem, on the one hand, whether it is a challenge of the ordinary, that there is no need to create a fundamentally new loop for it, or a provocation , Born of a region that requires a fundamentally new organization of its future space, on the other, gives rise to a new understanding of who we are and who we want to be today.

2015 - exhibition "Arch Moscow - 2015" section Action Architecture / Architecture NEXT
2015 - the exhibition "Arch Moscow - 2015" section ARCHIWOOD 2015
2013 - exhibition "Arch Moscow - 2015" section ARHYWOOD 2013




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