Rivas-Futura Metro station in Rivas Vaciamadrid by LANDÍNEZ+REY

Rivas-Futura Metro station in Rivas Vaciamadrid by LANDÍNEZ+REY
[MAD] Spain
Rivas-Futura Metro station in Rivas Vaciamadrid. Photograph © Miguel de Guzman | Imagen Subliminal
The Metro station Rivas-Futura is one of the extension projects of the metro of Madrid. Commissioned to Landínez+Rey arquitectos, the construction had to be conceived taking in consideration the condition of not interrupting the functioning of the line. Destined to a clear purpose, the project adapts to the technical requirements of a metro station and to the structure of a public space.

The Rivas-Futura Metro station, the intermidiate station between the stations of Rivas Urbanizaciones y Rivas Vaciamadrid, is a part of the extention project of the line 9 of the metro of Madrid. The project, by LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos, slp [ eL2Gaa ] + Rocio Landínez, is a building that responds to the needs of the metro services and technical requirements; and adapts to the irregular landscape of the site. Moreover, besides representing the transit urban space, it creates a public space by shaping a welcoming square in front of the single hall access. 

Description of the project by LANDÍNEZ+REY arquitectos

The project of the station was conceived taking in consideration the necessary fulfillment of several previous functional constraints, essentially, being the intermediate station between the two stations,...read more

Mª Antonia González-Valcárcel, Francisco
Landínez Gutierrez + David Landínez, Mónica González Rey (LANDÍNEZ+REY | equipo L2G arquitectos, slp [ eL2Gaa ])
 + Rocio Landínez
Francisco Pérez Cárdenas (quantity surve
yor) Yolanda Fuertes (drawings)
Transportes Ferroviarios de Madrid SA, 

METRO de Madrid, SA
General contractor
Aldesa Construcciones, SA
Aurelio Álvarez, street, w/n - Rivas Vac
iamadrid, Madrid. Spain
Total area.- 29,407.56 sqm Built surfac
e.- 4,847.28 sqm Exterior area with parking.- 24,560.28 sqm

Landínez + Rey

Landínez + Rey, is an architectural practice based in Madrid, Spain. It was co-founded by the architects Mónica González Rey y David Landínez González-Valcárcel, in 2001. They develop their activity based on the research that arises from the architectural competition they carry out and build. Their works have been published in numerous specialized magazines and have been exhibited by different national and forei...read more