ALI BEI. Social and temporary housing center by Arquitectura Produccions, Pau Vidal and Vivas Arquitectos

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Quim Brufau, Jordi Raventós, Salvador Arisa, Joan Just Caro, Manuel Arguijo, Caba Sostenibilitat, Ohrizons, Sbda, Playtime, Daniel Granados, Bernat Pedro, Ava Costa, Sabrina Calzolari.
49 apartments for elderly people, 10 temporary housing units and parking.
6,019.98 sqm.
€ 5,478,067.42.
Project.- 2012-2015. Construction.- 2016-2020.
Ali Bei Street 100-102, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
José Hevia.

Miquel Roa López. Arquitectura Produccions

Miquel Roa is an architect director of the office and Professor of the Department of Urbanism of the School of Architecture of Barcelona since 1976, a member of the Pedagogical Council of Les Ateliers de Cergy - Paris since 1984 (international workshop of urban projects in metropolitan areas), he has also developed several studies and publications on metropolitan issues and especially on the Llobregat area within the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, participating with different levels of responsibility in the Strategic Plans of Baix Llobregat, Cornellà and Esplugues.

In 1976 he founded Arquitectura Produccions, a professional office that develops projects in the fields of urban planning, architecture and industrial design. Arquitectura Produccions has a professional trajectory of more than 30 years, in which 50 sectoral planning, 30 urbanization projects, 15 reparcelling projects, 45 housing buildings with more than 2,500 homes and 15 activity and equipment buildings have been carried out.

Since 2004 it has held the ISO 9001 quality certification, which reaches the following types of work: new construction, planning, landscape, urban design, urbanization projects, architecture, construction projects, construction management, interior design, design industrial and graphic design. Currently with a team of twenty people and a large group of external partners, Arquitectura Produccions provides the professional skills of architects, landscapers, ecologists, technical architects, road engineers, industrial engineers, designers, lawyers, economists and sociologists.

Pau Vidal

Pau Vidal (Barcelona 1977), graduated in Architecture from the Escola Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona and by the École Nacional Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles.

Since 2003 he has developed his own work under different associations. His work has focused mainly on social housing and its commitments (political, economic, environmental and aesthetic), exploring the frictions and potentialities of the space between the individual and the collective.

His work has been published and exhibited on different occasions, such as at the Biennale di Venezia or the Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio and has received various awards and mentions, including the Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2011 d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme.

He is currently professor of Final Degree Projects at BAU, Barcelona University Design Center.

César Vivas Millaruelo, Cristian Vivas Millaruelo. Vivas Arquitectos

Vivas Arquitectos is an office established in 2006 by César Vivas Millaruelo and Cristian Vivas Millaruelo with its headquarters in Barcelona focused on urbanism, landscape, architecture and design fields with assignments in both public and private sectors.
Cristian Vivas was born in Barcelona in 1978. Graduated from the ETSAV, Escuela Superior de Arquitectura del Valles, Barcelona in 2004. Has collaborated at several architecture and landscape offices in Beijing, Dubai and Barcelona before developing his own work as Vivas Arquitectos.

César Vivas was born in Barcelona in 1975. Graduated from the ETSAB, Escuela Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona in 2002. He also studied at Universität Hannover,Architecktur&Landschaftarchitektur in Germany. Has collaborated at several architecture and landscape offices in Berlin and Barcelona before developing his own work as Vivas Arquitectos.

Vivas Arquitectos ranges from conceptualization of ideas and proposals to project implementation and development with the collaboration of technicians and consultants. With a creative, pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach, it works in many fields, from the territorial and urban scale to the architecture and design on small scale, using criteria that take into consideration at the same level formal, spatial and functional issues as well as economical, environmental and social aspects to ensure the sustainable development of the projects.




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