Amazing bamboo yoga pavilion by CO-LAB Design Office

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Architects Team
Joana Gomes, Joshua Beck, Arturo Garza Espinosa, Rodrigo Arias Lopez, Thalia Velasco, Antonio Quintero, Alberto Avilez.
Collaborators Colaboradores
Engineering Ingeniería.- ING Esteban Morales
Luum Zama
Arquitectura.Mixta.- Jaime Peña, Javier Creuheras, Arley Osorno, Farut Varon.
250,00 m²
Cesar Bejar, CO-LAB, Pakal & Tonatiuh Egger, (Yogi: Anne-May Meurs)

Joana Gomes, Joshua Beck. CO-LAB Design Office

CO-LAB Collaborative Design Office. Founded by Joana Gomes and Joshua Beck in 2010, CO-LAB is a full service architecture studio located in Tulum, Mexico. Joana Gomes, (Masters Oporto FAUP), has over 12 years of experience in the fields of architecture and urbanism, including 4 years with Winy Maas at MVRDV in Rotterdam, as well as 4 years as Design Director for FR-EE Fernando Romero. Joshua Beck, (M.Arch., UC Berkeley, B.ENVD., CU Boulder), has over 19 years of international experience in the combined fields of architecture, construction and wooden boat building; including 5 years of collaboration with Rem Koolhaas at OMA in Rotterdam and with Michael Kovac in Los Angeles.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Yucatan, our projects encourage a greater connection to the natural world through design. Embracing sustainable principles, each project carefully weaves the architectural program with the beauty of each site to create unique contextual designs. Locally sourced natural materials and handcrafted finishes render rooms built around views of nature, gentle breezes, light and shadows, to create new compositions and relationships. Seeing beauty in the imperfections of hand crafted finishes and locally sourced natural materials CO-LAB works directly with artisans to create sustainable environments in harmony with their surroundings.



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