Another way of inhabiting the historic centre of Tarragona. Mediona 13 by NUA Arquitectures

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NUA Arquitectures. Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena, Ferran Tiñena.
Design team
Lluis Delclòs, Rebeca López. Technical architect.- Jordi Ventura. Structure.- Gemma Humbert.
Engineer.- Enric Sanz.
Phase 1.- Baumester. Phase 2.- Construcciones Silvio.
300 sqm.
980 €/sqm.
Calle Mediona 13, Tarragona, Spain.

Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena, Ferran Tiñena. NUA arquitectures

NUA arquitectures is a young practice based in Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) and founded in 2013 by Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena and Ferran Tiñena that explores and works in areas related to architecture and design in different scales by sensitive strategies to the memory of places and the environment.

NUA has lectured at different institutions and schools of architecture as the Architects Association of Spain, the 2016 Archmarahton in Milano, and the Texas AM School of Architecture among other places. NUA's works have been recognized with awards as the Alejandro de la Sota Prize 2015, have been exhibited at the Venice international Biennial of Architecture 2016, and have been published worldwide in magazines such as Domus or Tectónica.

Maria, Arnau and Ferran, graduated with honors from the Barcelona School of Architecture, combine porfessional with academic and research activities and has also taught and served as juror at different institutions, including the Barcelona School of Architecture, the International University of Catalonia, La Salle School of Architecture and the Reus School of Architecture among others.
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