Around a chic sensual staircase. House in San Vicente de Paul by Balzar Arquitectos

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Project team
Balzar arquitectos.- José María García Zarco, Txema García Ballester, Laura Moreno Albuixech.
Project Manager.- Israel Pérez y Tesela Gestión. Carpentry.- Miguel Garrido. Furniture.- Andreu World.
270 m².
Valencia, Spain.

José María García Zarco, Txema García Ballester y Laura Moreno Albuixech. Balzar Arquitectos

Balzar ArquitectosJosé María’s career began more than 30 years ago in Orihuela. He always tells the story of how, after school, his son Txema would go with him to work and do his homework in the studio, surrounded by drawings and blueprints and architecture books. Txema decided at the age 6 that he would pursue a career in architecture.

In 1995, José María and his family moved to Valencia where he continued his career as General Director of Architectureand Homes in the Valencian Community. For 8 years, he coordinated large investments in the public sector, in architecture and urbanism, until he founded his own architect firm G-Zarco Estudio.

Meanwhile, Laura, who was born in Quesa, a mountain town in inland Valencia, grew up in a privileged naturalenvironment. Surrounded by artisanship, thatched ceilings, courtyards, fireplaces, esparto grass utensils and olive harvests with family. This contact with tradition made her value the authentic, the everyday, the simplicity of life. Laurawanted to apply this “natural” view to architecture.

She met Txema while studying architecture. Since then, they have shared their lives and their work (if it is possible to distinguish between the two).

For years, they developed projects under two different firms: G-Zarco Estudio and Dot Partners, but with a strong collaboration between both.

In 2018, they decided to form Balzar Arquitectos. Because, looking at themselves, their environment and their way of seeing life and seeing work (if it is possible to distinguish between the two), it was the most natural union. With the experience of José María and the energy of Laura and Txema, they have created a new studio capable of taking on projects of different scales and complexities.

Architecture based on simplicity. Creating simple forms so that the light and materials find their maximum expression in the spaces. A simplicity that reflect authenticity and sincerity, without the need for embellishments in order to express itself.

A work that is supported by the past, by tradition, to reinvent its principles and look towards the future.

“After years in this profession, we can say that the foundation of our work is the search for beauty, starting from the design of the blueprints themselves all the way to the last detail of construction. A beauty that combines within itself the other necessary factors when creating architecture: economy, function, durability, integration with the surroundings, regulations, respect for the environment, etc.

A beauty that provides an important service to society, giving people a more pleasant world to live in and contributing to their happiness.”




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