Back to the Future: Breaking the Time Barrier. Exhibition in Power Station of Art by LUO Studio

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Project team
LUO Yujie, Lu Zhuojian, Wang Beilei, Hong Lun, Liang Jiahui.
Zuo Jing, Wang Yanzhi.
Bishan Crafts Cooperatives (Liu Qingyuan, Gui Shuzhong × Yang Tao × Tang Shukun, Zhong Yongfeng × Xiaohe); SUMMERWOOD Textiles and Penultimate (Xiang Gao), Tin Qizhen Gao, Didi Wu; The Phadrokbha Cooperative; Healing Garden; Wang Yuanzheng; Wengwa Rainforest Discovery; LUO studio.
661 sqm.
From 5th November 2022 to 5th February 2023.
Corrugated cardboards supplier.- Kunshan Three Doves Paper Design Studio Co.,Ltd.
Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China.

Luo Yujie LUO studio

LUO studio is an architecture firm founded by Luo Yujie. First Prize of BIAD Scholarship (July 2006). Graduation design work won the First Prize, Architecture School of CAFA (July 2007). Master of Architecture and Excellent Graduate of CAFA; permanent member of CAFA Alumni Association. The work “3in1” won BIAD Re-design First Prize and was displayed in Documentary Exhibition — “Beyond Architecture” in Venice, Beijing Today Art Museum and Shanghai CBC Architecture Theme Pavilion (September 2013). Honored as “BIAD Model” at the 65th anniversary celebration of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) (2014). Excellent Postgraduate Thesis and Design, CAFA; Graduation design work was displayed in CAFAM exhibition -- “Journey of a Thousand Miles” (July 2014).

Luo Yujie is Teacher, course of construction basics, School of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). Director, Sustainable Village Studio of China New Rural Planning and Design Institute. Director, former BIAD-1A1 Creative Center.
Longfu Life Experience Center, finalist of WA Award of China Architecture (WAACA) — Technological Innovation Award (October 2018).
Excellent Employee of the Year, China New Rural Planning and Design Institute;  Works including Yuzhuang Series Design and People’s Stage In Shagezhai Village were awarded as Excellent Design of the Year (February 2018).
First group of selected designers, C Class Plan B sponsored by C FOUNDATION (2017).
Worked as architectural and structural expert and took the responsibility of designing and constructing space for Experience China in Finland -- Hi China VR Show (June 2017).
Installation work “The Constant” was exhibited in Beijing Design Week (September 2015).



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