Brick walls and vaults in a surprising dialogue of spatial monumentality. Guanajal House by Cubo Rojo Arquitectura

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Project Team
Christian Villanueva, Omar López, Eduardo Daniel Tapia, Alejandro Vargas.
Mauricio García, Andrea Toledo, Andrés Corona.
245.0 m²
Estación Pedrito, Jalisco, Mexico.
Interceramic, Fester, Tecno Lite, Cemex, Limsa

Christian Villanueva, Omar López, Eduardo Daniel Tapia, Alejandro Vargas. Cubo Rojo Arquitectura

Cubo Rojo Arquitectura. Architects from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Sometimes office, other times workshop, Cubo Rojo Arquitectura does not seek to be a brand or an established business, but an eclectic space open to variables that will genuinely modify our conception of architecture.

They seek that our projects are the result of a creative drift that we do not know where it starts or when it ends completely, but always starting by unprejudiced from the ordinary to eventually aspire to the extraordinary.

In the middle of 2014, Cubo Rojo started with the concern to question the architectural work of our environment, and it is our goal in each project to continue shredding that practice to contribute in the best way and from our field to the development of solutions that improve the dynamics in the different ways of life, increasingly complex, of people.
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