Entre pinos by Taller Héctor Barroso. A house surrounded by forest and the sound of wind

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Project leader
Thalía Bolio.
Ar. Vianney Watine and Ar. Diego Rentería.
Ar. Ricardo Camacho and Ar. Tomás Rodríguez.
Valle de bravo, Mexico.
Completion date.- 2017.
Total built area.- 1,700 m².

Héctor Barroso. Taller Héctor Barroso

Hector Barroso Riba (1982) studied at the Universidad Anáhuac México North Campus (Huixquilucandirige, México). In 2018, he received the silver medal from the College of Architects of Mexico City and the Society of Mexican Architects (CAM-SAM); In May he won the gold medal of the Second Biennial of Young Architects organized by the Federation of Architects' Associations of the Mexican Republic.

Since 2010 he leads the firm, Taller Héctor Barroso, seeking to generate architectural proposals that manage to merge with their environment, taking advantage of the natural resources of each place: the influence of light and shadows, the surrounding vegetation, the composition of the land and the geographic. Thanks to this, the projects merge in harmony with the environment that surrounds them, creating spaces that emphasize the habitable quality of the architecture.
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