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Pitupong Chaowakul Supermachine studio

Supermachine studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded and based in Bangkok in 2009 by Thai architect, Pitupong chaowakul. Before that (in 2003) he founded another studio called Thisdesign with 5 other friends. Supermachine studio’s projects are extremely diverse, their projects includes small objects like bottle openner, installations & exhibitions and bigger scale projects like shopping malls and large outdoor music festivals. Supermachine studio consistent interest are in the creative processes and experimentation in design.

Supermachine is Pitupong Chaowakul with Suchart Ouypornchaisakul, Yupadee Suvisith, Jetsada Phongwasin, Kasidis Peuktes, Theerayut Somtua, Korakot Meesathien and Kamolporn Wiriyachaisang.

Pitupong Chaowakul. Born 08,10,1975. Pitupong was born in Ubonratchathani, a small town 600 Kilometers east of Bangkok, Thailand. He moved to Bangkok when he was 11 for further education. He earned his degree in Architecture from School of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok and moved to Singapore to work for a year. In 2003, he got his Master degree in Architecture from the Berlage Institute of Architecture, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In between his graduate study, he worked with Nox architect in Rotterdam for a year.

Pitupong came back to Bangkok, Thailand in 2003 and founded a cross-disciplinary design studio with 5 other friends called “Thisdesign” in Bangkok. He designed very wide range of projects from concerts, interior designs to architectures. He constantly joined the artist group, called “Soi Project”. With them, he travel and does installation projects in other countries such as Japan, UAE and UK. In the same time, he lectured and taught in various schools of design in Bangkok.

He founded the design studio by himself in 2009, called Supermachine Studio. The office is constantly doing various types of design projects. In 2010, Supermachine Studio is chosen to attend iLight Marina Bay in Singapore where they build “Animal Tree”, a lighting installation sponsored by Philips lighting. For entertainment biz, he was commission to be a design director of one of the biggest outdoor music event in Thailand called Big Mountain Music Festival. The event successfully drawn more than 40,000 people in its 2nd time in 2010. He is on the process of doing the 3rd one.

Architecturally, Supermachine studio’s project. “Harbormall” won 2010 “World of color awards” among with projects from architects around the world. (Solutia is one of the world’s leading color film makers)

Pitupong was one of the keynote speakers in the international forum, “Archifest‘2010” in Singapore, organized by Singapore Institute of Architecture.




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