Ceramic Wonderland by Archea Associati

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Laura Andreini, a founding partner of the Archea firm, Andreini graduated with honours from the Architecture Faculty of Florence in 1990, completing her PhD at the same university in 1997 with the final discussion of her dissertation titled “The permanence of the concept of proportion from Renaissance to Modernism through the model of the Florentine palace”. Her PhD supervisor was Antonio D’Auria, with whom she began cooperating in 1992 within the context of the course in interior architecture and decoration. This represented the beginning of an intense activity in the field of teaching, which has continued over the years, parallel to her work as an architect and researcher.


Marco Casamonti, founding partner of the Archea firm, Casamonti graduated with honours in 1990, winning a competition announced by the architecture faculty of Genoa the following year and receiving a study grant within the context of the PhD in architectural planning. He received his PhD from the architecture faculty of Genoa in 1994 with a dissertation titled “History and Design, a central issue in the architectural debate of the post-war years”. He began cooperating with various architecture firms already before graduating, including that of Professor Paolo Portoghesi. In 1988, after working together on the competition for the “recovery of the Murate prisons”, he founded the Archea firm with Laura Andreini and Giovanni Polazzi, commencing an intense professional activity.


Giovanni Polazzi, after graduating in architecture with top marks from the University of Florence, Polazzi obtained his PhD in architectural and urban planning at the same University with a dissertation titled “Raffaello Fagnoni Florentine Architect – Analysis of a career divided between teaching and professional activities”. In 1988 he founded the Archea firm, conducting planning and research in the fields of architecture, town planning and industrial design.




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