Clearing the space to improve it. House in the beach by Nelson Resende

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António Souto
220.0 m²
Project date.- 2017 Construction date.- 2018/2019

Nelson Resende

Nelson Joaquim Leite de Resende, architect for FAUP since 2000, has several workshops, learning different project approaches, which allows the use of several scales, programs and project phases; and plural experiences, complementary to its own individual course, which tracks since the end of the course.

Among his latest publications, exhibitions or conferences we can find.- “Últimas Reportagens”,SG + FG Architecture Photography, Single-family room at the Green Beach, 2011; “VI Expo 2010 NAAV”, 2010; or the book “‘00’09 10 Anos de Arquitectura pelo NAAV”, edition of the order of architects, 2010.



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