Connecting agricultural spaces. El Tiller, House-Workshop in Guàrdia Pilosa by labaula

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labaula. Lead architects.- Bernat Hernández Sàbat, Marcos Alloza Fernández, Mariana Echeverría Pérez Montero, Sergio González Benedi, Esteve Solà i Saura, Francesc Brugarolas Padrós, Maria Pauner de Moragas.
Project team
Anna Niubò, Rosa Llinàs.
Technical architect.- Raimon Vendrell.
Estec Energia SL.- Pau Roma.
Structure.- Ángel Obiol.
Romero Ozmanyan SL / Macusa Wood Solutions.
290.60 sqm.
March 4, 2022.
L’Era de l’Andreu de la Guardia Pilosa Street, Parcela 4, Pujalt, Barcelona 08282 Spain.

Solà/Hernández/Alloza/Echeverría/González. labaula

labaula is a cooperative society founded in 2012 by Esteve Solà Saura, Bernat Hernández Sàbat, Marcos Alloza Fernández, Mariana Echeverría Pérez-Montero and Sergi González Benedi. The society is made up of architects with diverse professional trajectories who have decided to cooperate and join forces to build a common project with a horizontal work methodology. As an associated worker cooperative, collaboration is a fundamental part of our activity, both professionally and in the field of the social and solidarity economy, as well as in the cooperative world. We are a federated cooperative, members of the Solidarity Economy Network, and a professional society in the College of Architects of Catalonia.

labaula's field of work consists of building projects, rehabilitation, industrial design, urbanization, public spaces, scenography, and ephemeral spaces. We approach work with the same passion and effort, regardless of its size. Our projects add professionals from other disciplines to enrich and complement a transversal and multifaceted look at architecture.

labaula is born from our enthusiasm and concern to promote quality, rigor, and responsibility in our work. Our team has extensive proven experience in different areas of project drafting, project consulting and management, and construction management. We are committed to the circular economy and sustainability, we have qualified LEED professionals.

The genealogy of our name is the contraction of the article "la" and the noun "baula", "link", about the ring-shaped piece that, intertwined with other similar ones, forms a chain; an analogy of the horizontal and communal functioning of our cooperative. In addition, it is the acronym of three different lexemes: LAB (for a laboratory of ideas), BAU (from the German translation of construction), and AULA (as a space for reflection and pedagogy). They are the three original aspects of our cooperative society: research, drafting projects, and the promotion and dissemination of architecture.



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