Cooperation, community and neighborhood involvement. La Balma, housing cooperative by Laboqueria and Lacol

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Technical Architecture.- Arrevolt. Environmental Consulting.- Societat Orgànica. Engineer Installations.- Arkenova. Constructora.- La Constructiva. Group accompaniment / group cohesion / awareness / group work.- Matriu.
Sostre Cívic + Grup La Balma.
Floors.- ground floor, 5 floors and roof. Constructed area.- 2,344 m². Useful surface.- 1,187 m².
Start.- 2018. End of construction.- 2021.
Barcelona, Spain.

Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny. LaBoqueria

LaBoqueria Taller d’Arquitectura i Disseny is a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and engineers with the aim of planning and designing unique, value-added projects. Throughout the design process they focus on creativity while staying focused on providing excellence with a friendly and personalized service regardless of size or location of the project

Arquitectura Cooperativa. Lacol

Lacol is an architecture cooperative set up in 2014 in the Sants district (Barcelona). They work with architecture for social transformation, as a tool to intervene in the immediate environment critically.

Currently, it is a team of 14 people who work in various fields of architecture. Their lines of work focus on these five axes: Construction; Cooperative Housing; Pa icipation; Exhibitions and Stage Design; and Urbanism.

The main axis of work on which they apply the knowledge of other fields is the cooperative housing. They have specialized in the promotion of this model as well as in the process of participation of the promotion of the future inhabitants. The most relevant case has been the housing cooperative La Borda, where, in addition to carrying out the architectural project, they have participated in its promotion and all the learning process has been systematized through the book “Habitar en comunidad“ (Libros de la Catarata, 2018).

They are currently building La Balma, a similar housing cooperative in Poblenou, and accompanying several projects in the promotion phase in other places.

In order to promote and make viable the replicability of the model, we work in the design of public policies, advise municipalities, and give conferences and write articles in different publications. Lacol is part  of La Dinamo, a foundation for the consolidation of cooperative housing in Catalonia.

•    Prize “Ciutat de Barcelona” 2018.
•    Prize on Built Construction in Architecture at the BBConstrumat 2019.
•    Nominated at the Début Award Lisbon Triennale (announced October 5th 2019).
•    Mention at the Bonaplata 2018 awards for a study on the industrial heritage of Vilassar de Mar.
•    Prize AJAC for the housing coop project “Coop de falç”, together with Arqbag.

Books published by Lacol
•    “Construir en col·lectiu” (CAT/ESP/ENG), Pol·len Edicions 2018.
•    “Habitar en comunidad”, with La Ciutat Invisible, Libros de la Catarata/Arquia, 2018.
•    “El Vilassar de Mar Fabril”. Pagès edicions, 2018.
•    “Inventari de Can Batlló. Teixint una història col·lectiva.”  Curated by Lacol. Riera de Magòria, 2013.



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