DEFLAT KLEIBURG by NL architects and XVW architectuur Winners of Mies van der Rohe Award 2017

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architectuur XVW

XVW architectuur was founded by Xander Vermeulen Windsant, graduated from the Delft University of Technology in 2004, in 2010. Its customers are private individuals and professional developers. Most of the construction projects they work on are residences located in the Netherlands, although they also work for foreign institutional and other clients and act as a spatial planning consultant for municipal and other government institutions.

A key element in their approach is the concept of ‘residence’, in the sense of staying in a particular place, ‘to reside’. Living, working, recreation or travel.  They aim to create  design that exudes a powerful connection between the spatial environment and its purpose, for which purpose the building and its architecture take on a secondary and sustainable role.

Architects NL

NL Architects was founded in 1997, in the “SuperDutch” era, by Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk, Kamiel Klaasse and Mark Linnemann, who had met and started collaborating at Delft University of Technology. Today NL Architects is headed by Bannenberg, van Dijk and Klaasse. 

The three words “Wow! What? Wow!” embody NL Architects’ corporate philosophy, a reference to architectural theorist Robert Somol. He splits architecture into two categories. One can be described as “Wow! What?”, the other as “What? Wow!” “The first functions via the visual effect, the second via its content. They don’t like architecture that misses its chance.

After having garnered international attention with their first project “WOS8” in 1998, NL Architects received the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) Award (Rotterdam) in 2004 for “BasketBar” at Utrecht University. The jury was impressed by the casual architecture and “inventiveness with which the architects had approached the very banal remit”. In 2005 NL Architects won the Emerging Architect award of the Mies van der Rohe Award for its unusual hybrid of coffee house and sports ground.

In 2007 NL won first prize in the competition to design the Groninger Forum by popular vote. In 2008 the quartet once again caused a stir and established its name with “Sound Shower” at the Venice Architecture Biennial.

Their works are difficult to describe in few words, be they wild, humorous, experimental or radical. The crucial factor is always what can arise beyond the required design parameters and what unexpected potential it offers. They themselves describe their architecture as a “remix of reality”. 

Their project deFlat Kleiburg is a finalist for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2017.

Architecture Urbanisme ​MSA

MSA is an office of planning and project of architecture, public spaces and urban development. MSA is interested in all scales of the project: from the bus stops at the Flanders Gate in Brussels to the planning process for Josaphat (35 hectares) through the architectural scale, with intermediate-scale operations. MSA performs from the same point of view architectural projects, the development of public spaces and structures.

Benoit Moritz.- Architect graduated by ISACF La Cambre (1995), urbanist by UPC-Barcelona (1996) teaches at the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB, La Cambre-Horta.

Jean-Marc Simon.- Architect graduated by the ISACF La Cambre (1995) is professor of the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB, La Cambre-Horta.

Alain Simon.- Architect graduated by the ISACF La Cambre (1997) is professor of the Faculty of Architecture of the ULB, La Cambre-Horta



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