Discreet, open and outright. Casa Bento by FCstudio

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FCstudio. Architect.- Flavio Castro
Vertical Garden Consultant.- Sergio Medeiros Paisagismo.
Electrical And Hydraulic Installations.- Engeplot.
Structural Project.- Praxis Engenharia.
Lock Engenharia.
Built area.- 424 m².
Lot area.- 367m².
Jardim Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil.
Arthus Mármore e Granitos, Braston, By Kamy, Casual Exteriores, Casual Móveis, Construflama, Creatto, Deca, Di Mármore, Dpot, Esquadralum, Logitec, Lumini, Líder Interiores, Maneco Quindere, Mezas, Portinari, Tapetah, Tauna, Uniflex, Wentz Design.

Flavio Castro. FCstudio

FCstudio was founded by the architect Flavio Castro after he spent a 3 year period in Spain studying at the Catalunha Polytechnic University. Before that, he worked in several different national and international architectural firms such as MAB Arquitectura, Arteks Arquitectura and Hidalgo&Hartmann in Spain and Núcleo de Arquitetura, AR.CO., Fundação MASP and MMBB Arquitetos in Brazil. He has also taken part in many architectural competitions in collaboration with the above-mentioned firms and also on his own.

At the moment a multidisciplinary team is put together according to the characteristics and complexity of the projects and the collaboration of associated architects staff the studio. The architectural projects designed by FCstudios reflect our vision of architecture and the new trends of contemporary lifestyles that reflect the constant human changes.

A strong theoretical foundation added by skilled project design and management of construction work makes the studio a complete production nucleus. Each area is improved based on the interaction with each other inside the studio.

FCstudios have already received important awards from national and international bodies such as IAB –Institute of Brazilian Architects WAF – World Architecture Festival, LICC – London International Creative Competition and IPA – International Property Awards.



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