Encounter between nature, culture and sport. Sports Pavilion by Blasco Esparza Arquitectos

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Project team
Manuel Blasco Blanco, Francisco Blasco Esparza.
Collaborating Architect.- David Bergasa. Quantity Surveyor.- Alejaldre Alonso. Technical Architects.- Mauricio Alonso. Engineering.- Grupo Seima-Imaga engineers, Lucia Duro.
Murchante City Council.- Mari Trini Lopez.
ERRI-BERRI. Site manager.- Iker Rubio.
Murchante, Spain.

Arquitectos Blasco Esparza

Blasco Esparza Arquitectos, is a practice founded 40 years ago by Manuel Blasco and his wife Belén Esparza. The firm started run in Tudela, during 15 years, has an office in Pamplona. Manolo Blasco is Professor of Constructive Design at the private University of Pamplona ETSA UN, teaching since 1975. He has taught courses in the master's degree program in Architecture at the University of the Isthmus of Guatemala. In 1992, they integrate together with Manolo Sagastume and Luis Tabuenca the company BTS. With her they win the competition of the bus station of Pamplona, ​​and diverse contests of furniture and design for EXPO '92, among others.

The practice always worked with the Public Administration in the development of different typologies, emphasizing the work done in defense and conservation of the heritage with projects such as the Palace of the Marqués de Huarte (Tudela), the Palace Decanal (Tudela), General Chinchilla ( Pamplona) and the house of the Admiral (Tudela). The work has been developed at different scales, from the urban to the design of parts from multiple angles. Lines of furniture and urban equipment are designed for companies in Spain and Portugal, such as DynaMobel, Proiek or Levira.

Recently, with the incorporation of Mª Carmen Domínguez and Curro Blasco, that comes from the study of Rafael Moneo, a more intense development begins in Pamplona and in the rest of the national geography. Hospital projects are carried out in Aragon, La Rioja, Catalonia and Andalusia. The Pamplona Bus Station is run in collaboration with IDOM. Several projects are developed in collaboration with Rafael Moneo's studio, such as the interior design of Panticosa Resort hotels (Panticosa Spa, Huesca), the interior design of the Aragones cinemas (Aragonia shopping center, Zaragoza), the urbanization project of the Gardachales (Tudela) sector, the management of the Josefa Huarte Museum of the University of Navarra (Pamplona), participation in a contest for the management of the "Salesians" plot (Pamplona) and surroundings (Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic). Various solutions have also been studied in other countries such as housing in Algeria, rehabilitation and hospital expansion in Peru, participation in the "build malaria prevention" contest in Cameroon (finalists), participation in the contest of the New Cathedral in Puerto Prince of Haiti, industrial building in Senegal.



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