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Arantxa Quintana. HIKA

HIKA is a studio founded in 2000 by Kepa Iturriaga and Arantxa Quintana, both graduated from the E.T.S.Architecture of San Sebastian.

They have won several prizes in competitions, including the competition for the rehabilitation of a firefighter building as a multipurpose building for young people in Galdakao (Bizkaia) in 2003, the competition for the multipurpose center in Aizarnazabal (Gipuzkoa) in 2005, the competition for the sports center of Balmaseda (Bizkaia) in 2006 and the competition for the rehabilitation of the building of the Old Asylum of Ondarroa (Bizkaia) for the construction of 14 accommodations in 2015.

Arantxa Quintana has taught at the E.T.S. Architecture of San Sebastian from 2006 to 2008 and is Doctor in Architecture since 2016.



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