The ephemeral outdoor auditorium by CODA in the FADfest

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CODA. Computational Design Affairs

CODA Computational Design Affairs. It is a research team within LiTA Laboratory of Innovation and Technology in Architecture of BarcelonaTech. They are based on lightweight structures, computational design and digital manufacturing.

CODA conducts research projects such as PhD programs in light and wood technology and efficiency., Focus on active flexion implementation, advanced COST Skins program, Active Flex IASS working group, Roland DG association. Implementation of research of digital manufacture in ETSAV and research, Direction and coordination of Parametric Master Architecture in BarcelonaTech. He has also carried out innovation projects: 2014 Barcelona. Pavilion Neula Gabarró, 2014 Barcelona. Pavilion Garnica. FAB10, 2014 Csorompuszta. Mochi. HelloWood, 2014 Cadaqués. Pavilion of Wedding, 2014 Barcelona. Bull. UsFestival, 2013 Czorompusta. BigO. HelloWood, 2013 Barcelona. Geodesic HyPar. Elisava, 2013 Barcelona. ChenGakstatter installation Barcelonatech, 2013 Madrid. Anticycloid structure. CEU SanPablo...They have given lectures, and lessons in Universities as in BarcelonaTech ETSAV and workshops.

CODA has received in 2014. 2 Honorable mentions in the AndreuWorld contest, 2014. Better teaching of the wood and better wood architecture of the Gremi of fusters of Barcelona, ​​2013 First prize. Slight tender of ILEK structures, 2012 Second prize. Eme3 Architecture Festival, 2008 Mention of honor. 2G.



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