Extension of the FACOL industrial building by Ana Coelho

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Architects Arquitectos
Ana Coelho Arq., Lda
Collaborators Colaboradores
Ingenieria Engineering.- PN10 – Serviços de Egenharia.
Builder Constructor
Telhabel Construções – S.A.
Photography Fotografía

Ana Coelho

Ana Coelho Arq., Lda. is an architect (FAUP, 2008), Master in Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation / Conservation and Rehabilitation of Buildings (UM, 2012). The team is dedicated to the development and monitoring of all phases of investment, project and work.

Between 2012 and 2014, she attended the Doctoral Program in Civil Engineering at the University of Minho, with research work on the Sustainability of Wood Rehabilitation in Old Buildings. Several articles and papers published in this research, in National and International Conferences.

Since 2008, he has collaborated with several workshops:
- Fernando Alves, Architect
- NO.arq, José Carlos Oliveira
- Murmur, interior design
- GMF Architects

Additional formation:
- Safety in playgrounds and playgrounds
- Architecture, Construction and Child Safety



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