Family house in Litvínovice by Atelier 111 architekti

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Architects Arquitectos
Jirí Weinzettl
Structural engineer.- Michal Hamada
Area Superficie
262 m²

Jiří Weinzettl Atelier 111 architekti

Atelier 111 architekti. Our first collaboration as Atelier 111 dates back to our studies at Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague. Our first success, a special prize in an open architectural competition for treatment of urban space in the city of Tábor in 2002, gave us passion and motivation for further projects. In following years our studio began to expand. Through cooperation with experienced colleagues, we enriched our professional skills. Aside from architectural design of residential, public and industrial buildings, we have been focused on projects of biogas plants since 2006. In 2010 we founded the Johann Hochreiter company which soon became one of the most important suppliers of biogas plants in the Czech republic. We were greatly enriched from our experiences gained during construction management of technologically complex power plants, as well as in the implementation of our other projects. We offer our services in the field of project design and related administrative activities, assistance in tender for contractors, cooperation and supervision in implementation of construction

Team. Michal Hamada, Veronika Indrová, Barbora Weinzettlová, Jiří Weinzettl



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